Croft Trail evening ride

An evening/night ride at Croft Trails. All welcome of any ability level – no one gets left behind on our group rides.

Novice Friendly group starts a few minutes after the main group.

This is a great chance to be given a guided tour of the trails if you’ve never been before, and a chance to see the improvements if you have.

It will be light enough to ride without lights by this time.

We meet in the car park for 19:30, ready to leave at 19:35ish.

We’ll be going to the Check Inn at Wroughton after the ride too.

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  1. Shaun

    Hi Tom

    Last build weekend you made a comment about direction arrows. I’ve got hold of a printable epoxy resin sheet that when printed and cooked makes a fairly resistant sign. The material comes from the rail/marine sector.

    I’ve printed up some arrows and stuck them in a few points around the course to see how well it ages.

    If it proves any good we can print up some proper pedestrian-unfriendly signs and stick them around the course. If instead it ages and peel too easily I’ll remove them all. If it is any good it is zero cost to make and cook the signs.


  2. Phil

    Hi Shaun

    All looks to be working well so far – tell me more about it!

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