Build report: Sat 16th April 2011

This was a Saturday afternoon meet. A group consisting of Pete, Tom, Simon, Mike and Anne moved bricks and rubble from the car park to locations near the East side of the pitch. These are going to be used in the future to surfrace the only remaining stretch of unsurfaced trail. This project will take place towards the end of the year before winter sets in.

The last remnants of gravel were cleared from the car park pile and moved up to Piper’s hill.

This was the last session with Daisy (Land Rover reg MOO) for a while.

Meanwhile Phil and Kat walked round the trail and cut back any branches that were growing too close to the trail.

We did four hours work and then went to the Check Inn for two hours.

Thanks to everyone who turned up; the support really makes a difference.

Unloading bricks from a Land Rover.
Stockpile of bricks.
Trail build progress at Croft Trails in Swindon on 10th April 2011.
Progress 10th April.

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