Trail build report: 29th & 30th Nov – West side finished

Saturday 29th Nov 2008

From our Facebook group: “We managed loads this afternoon. There were four of us: Kate and James along with Phil and myself (Tom). We dug out and surfaced the section from the South-West corner of the pitch up to the club house. Tomorrow we should surface the remaining part of that section and it can then be opened”.

Sunday 30th Nov 2008

“We got a full day in today. Phil and myself finished the club house section. It’s 250m of completely surfaced trail, with 14 bermed corners. It took about 64 man hours to build, so 3.9 metres of trail per man hour. Using an 8 hour day, it’s 8 man days of work. We’re not slow.

It takes about 1.5 minutes to ride, so there’s about 42 hours of work for each minute of riding. That’s 42 minutes of work for each second!

Some of this trail was dug back up a few months later when the tennis courts used up a 3m strip along the edge of the section. Not to worry – the replacement trail was better.

Full trail build diary.

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