Trail build report: Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd Jan 2011

Saturday 22nd Jan 2011

Phil, Jez, Lee Morgan and Andy Matthews spent the day moving chippings from the car park the long distance to a section that we call the alley. This was a really muddy area in urgent need of surfacing.

Sunday 23rd Jan 2011

Phil, Jez and myself (Tom) got started on moving slabs and rubble to the alley section using the power barrow. We were joined by Chris, Mike Jeffries and then Mike Tearle, Ben and Kate Bevan. Some of the trail that had been surfaced trail the day before had swallowed up the moisture from the ground and was not settling well. So we dug it back up and added a load of rubble to the equation.

We’ve been discussing sinking sections a lot recently. We are prepared to spend time next year fixing any bad patches that become apparent but we don’t want to end up with a Forth road bridge situation where we spend every year fixing large sections of trail.

We believe that our method of using slabs and bricks to reinforce boggy sections works well so we are to use this pretty much everywhere from now on.

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