Trail build report: Sat 20th & Sun 21st Nov 2010

Saturday 20th Nov

We spent the morning moving logs into the triangle. As you can see in the photos, they’re surfaced and they’ve got MBSwindon engraved into the side of them. Present were Rafe, Phil, Tom and Mr Anon.

Then we dumped two loads of rubble onto Piper’s hill. There are still some sections here that are waiting to be fixed.

In the afternoon Chris joined us and we spent a while discussing the route extension for the conifer area on Piper’s hill. We marked out the approximate route and cut back a few branches to see how it looked. We’ve been discussing what to do with this area for two years now. Later on Phil and myself (Tom) had yet another think about the layout in this section. We think we’ve got the best idea yet….until the next one.

Sunday 21st Nov

I arrived a bit late with the tools which gave Phil the chance to spend some of the morning sat in his car looking moody before Ben arrived. We decided to fix a muddy section of trail very near to the start. This is a section that we recycled from the old Blue route so we weren’t too surprised that it needed working on.

We were joined later by Pete, Mr Anon and then Tony. We were back to the old school method of pushing wheelbarrows by hand. Enthusiasm was high so we filled in the return loop too.

After that we resurfaced Pete’s steps (entrance to Piper’s hill) and a few other bits round there.

Then we spent an hour or two looking at the redesign of Piper’s hill. Via a process of spec creep we ended up questioning the entire layout. It’s proving a difficult area to crack since there some existing bits that people like, ¬†several ¬†worthy ideas for improvement and the constraints of existing trail before and after the section.

We’re going to continue having a good think about this area.

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