Trail build report: Sat 18th Dec 2010 (snow)

We had originally planned to spend the day moving material so that we could surface some muddy sections. A lot of snow fell on Friday night and when we arrived on Saturday the ground was frozen solid.

Trail builders in snow.
River crossing in snow.

Snow on wood section at Croft Trails in Swindon.
Snow on wood section.

We decided to opt out of material moving and instead spent time doing a few odd jobs. We marked out and cut back branches on the new line to avoid a boggy section. Blue line number 1 in the diagram below. We then cut out the line for the link to the planned triangle section. We spent an hour or so cutting back branches for the river crossing into the triangle. Finally we collected up all of the stakes from the triangle.

Croft trail plans 6th Dec 2010.

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