Trail build report: 12th Oct – route cutting on North and East side

This was a trail build day with just Phil and Tom present. We carried on cutting out the new line on the North side of the pitch and also cut a load of new route on the East side.

The North part was tweeked slightly on later build days: a section was moved further up the hill and an extenson known as the “roller coaster” was added onto the end before the route turned right onto the East side.

The majority of the route we cut out on the East side was never used – we went for a more direct line at a later stage. It was all quite new, exciting and experimental at this time and the tortuous route that we cut would have been next to useless to ride looking back.

Full trail build diary.

Cutting a new line at the Croft Trail in Swindon.
The lead in to the roller coaster.

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