Build evening: Thursday 1st July 2010

Our very own wood man (anon) had cut and surfaced a 3m length of tree trunk for us. The challenge was to move this into place. We still weren’t sure where it was going to go when we started – we’d discussed a few locations but wanted to see how difficult moving it was before making the final decision. It turned out that after bolting a Mini rear axle and wheels to it then it was quite easy to move. Using various planks and blocks we managed to push it down over a bridge, the first jump and into place over a bomb hole just after the existing woodwork.

Present were Pete Toop, Phil, Pete Ratcliffe, Anon, and myself (Tom). We were joined later by Jenny and Lee

It was great to have such a good turnout.

Thurs_1st_July_Trail_Build 012

Thurs_1st_July_Trail_Build 017

Thurs_1st_July_Trail_Build 021

Thurs_1st_July_Trail_Build 027

Thurs_1st_July_Trail_Build 028

Thurs_1st_July_Trail_Build 029

Thurs_1st_July_Trail_Build 039

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