Build day January 2011 #1


The way it works is: on new year’s eve you’ll decide that 2011 will be the year that you change your life like you’re always talking about. Then you’ll go back to work on the Monday with a special new year depression. By Wednesday you’ll have reovered and it’ll back to normal. Who cares anyway; Croft trail will be fully surfaced by then and we’ll be creating some new features in the triangle area (6 on the map).

The photo shows a piece of kit we won’t have.

We’ll have the power barrow on site, so we won’t be wasting effort pushing barrows around (unless you want to).

We meet in the car park at 10am. If you arrive after that then take a walk round the trail. We’ll be around somewhere. Otherwise you can call us on 07010036444.

Useful tools include spade, mattock, pick axe, saw, wheebarrow. We’ve got quite a lot of tools between us so don’t worry if you can’t bring any.