Bristol Kona Oktoberfest 2010

The Kona Bristol Oktoberfest is an 8 hour relay race round Ashton Court in Bristol. A reasonably fit team will usually manage around 12-14 laps. Entry for this event is now closed.

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  1. Jamie woods

    Not sure if it is possible to join in with the club as a part of a team for this event?

    If possible I will complete all necessary info and monies etc.

    I will be joining the club on line this week following my first ‘event’ on the novice ride on Sunday!

    I understand if this is not possible due to the time scales involved and if not possible I will see if I can enter as a lone rider for a 4hr session!

  2. Tom

    Hi Jamie,
    I think you’re too late to ride for the club. Phil has processed the applications as late as possible, but that deadline has now passed.
    The best solution would be contact the organisers as a single rider.

  3. Phil

    Hi Jamie

    Sadly I’ve had to draw the line and send the entries off as the event date is drawing closer. We’ll be doing this again next year though, so keep an eye on our events listing!

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