Firework night ride


November the 5th is a Saturday this year. Rafe has a cunning plan to ride along the ridgeway in the dark and hopefully we’ll be treated to some long distance firework displays.

The plan is to meet in the layby at Windmill hill for 6:30pm. Start location map: OS Map, GPX


4 thoughts on “Firework night ride”

  1. Hi

    Do you know how far you’re going on this ride? Will I be too slow to come along? I don’t want to hold everyone up!



  2. Hi,
    it will be 10-15 miles and with no great time pressure. So I suggest that you get on with it!

  3. I shall happily get on with it then, thanks guys :0)


    p.s – would I be able to borrow some bright lights? Or is this only really available for the Friday night rides?

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