MB Swindon does Bikepark Wales

Bikepark Wales uplift day

Heard of Bikepark Wales? Have you ever fancied an uplift day but didn’t want to do it alone? Well now is your chance! Phil Allum is hosting a MB Swindon uplift day at Bikepark Wales on Friday May 1st.

Picture this: You are at the Forest of Dean, going down the final descent on the Verderers trail (the blue one) absolutely loving it, you get to the bottom and just wish you could do it again?

But then realise you have an hour slog back up the hill to be able to do it. This is where the uplift comes in! Just put your bike on the trailer, jump in the heated minibus, and get transported effortlessly back to the top.

Bikepark Wales has 8 blue trails, 8 red trails and 8 black trails. But because they don’t all start at the top, you can do a blue into a red into a blue run. or whatever you fancy. I think there are 72 different combinations in total. For instance; if you did Sixtapod into Willy Waver, that’s 3.9km of blue graded descending with hardly any pedalling! Once you are at the bottom, you just bus it back to the top. All day long. What’s not to like?!

Bookings for the uplift have to be made directly with Bikepark Wales, here: http://www.bikeparkwales.com/uplift. The price is £30 per place. The first uplift starts at 9:30am. Bookings can only be made for the next 3 months, so bookings for 1st May should become available on 1st February. Places can get booked up quickly, so if you want to go, you must act quick to secure your place! Put 1st February in your diary!

Everything and more can be found on their official website: www.bikeparkwales.com

Check out their FAQ section as well, lots of good information in there.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me (Phil Allum), I’ll do my best to answer them. Available via the Facebook event. Hope to see you all there!

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