Barbury Bun Run

MB swindon Member Anthony Holmes joined Tom Scott’s Barbury Bun Run on Sunday 14th July. Here’s Tony’s report.

“Fourteen of us met up at Barbury on a slightly grey Sunday for Tom’s easy ride to Avebury and back. His pre ride briefing was quite succinct – “We’re going to ride to Avebury, have a bun and then ride back”. I think that summed it up quite well.

Caroline also announced it was her Birthday so after the obligatory chorus of Happy Birthday etc etc we set off.

The ride there was fairly uneventful, it was also dry and dusty for a change until we got to the café in Avebury when we were treated to a short and quite sharp shower of rain.

The return took us round the Avebury showground and then on a slightly overgrown bridleway behind Silbury Hill to the main road. A quick spin along this busy highway and we were back on the Ridgeway for the steady climb back over Hackpen Hill and on to the steepish climb to Barbury. Please note the two oldest participants in the ride (if not in the Club) rode up it with no problem! Well it was dry for a change.

Once back at the car park Caroline announced she had cake for us which had to be finished off. Thanks Caroline – much appreciated.

So all in all an ideal beginner friendly ride and pleasant spin along the Ridgeway with a nice café stop and the chance to admire the scenery and some of Wiltshire’s Bronze age heritage.

Thanks to Tom Scott for organising and only disgracing himself on a couple of occasions!

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