An open letter from Tom Stickland

It is with a sad head that I’m going to be resigning from my position on the MB Swindon committee later this year.

It’s been a very hard decision because as a co-founder of the club I’m very attached to it and not really ready to move on. I also love my job and my friends here in the UK.

However I heard about an amazing opportunity to work on a yoga retreat in New Zealand, and I just received an email saying I’ve been accepted. You can read more about the job at

Although its only a 3 month position, with another 3 months if it all goes well, I’m hoping to stay on and do their Integrated Yoga Teacher Training course,

Apparently the riding in New Zealand is amazing, so obviously I’ll be doing that too. Hoping some of you can come out for an MB Swindon holiday next year. I am already talking to Fat Tyre Adventures about a club discount,

Bonus is I’ll be nearer Australia, the home of Carmen cereal bars, Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia.

The new role is for their summer so not leaving until later in the year. Means I can enjoy all the MTB commitments I’ve made for our summer. So plenty of time for you to say goodbye and buy me some chocolate Brazil nuts. Also plenty of time to work on my profile at


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  1. Hang on a sec, it’s the first of April today! I think I’m suffering from baby brain!

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