2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Please note that due to room capacity limitations we require you to notify us of your intention to attend. Please email info@mbswindon.co.uk by 23:00 Friday 26 February.

Please remember that to be able to vote on items at the AGM (constitution changes, committee elections) you will need to be a valid MB Swindon member. So please check your membership is up to date. If you’ve misplaced / lost your card you can check your renewal date on the website – www.mbswindon.co.uk/membersonly

This year’s AGM will include the following items on the agenda:

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of 2015, including:
    • Financial summary
    • Events round-up
    • Overview of recent Membership Survey
  3. Introduction to club strategy
  4. Amendments to the constitution
  5. Election of Committee roles
  6. Any other business (AOB)

Questions and feedback can be sent in advance via email to info@mbswindon.co.uk

Amendments to constitution

You will find the proposed changes to the constitution in the following document – Proposed changes to the constitution.

Should you have any comments or questions in relation to these changes please send them by email to info@mbswindon.co.uk in advance of the meeting.

Election of Committee roles

Should the amendments to the constitution be accepted, the following roles will be available for election:

  • Chairperson
  • Club / Membership Secretary – Kat re-standing
  • Ladies Officer – Debbie re-standing

If you would like to put yourself forward for one of the available roles, please email your name and position interested in to info@mbswindon.co.uk by 23:00 Saturday 20 February.

The following people have put themselves forward for the available positions:

  • Chairperson – Chris Hopkinson
  • Club / Membership Secretary – Kat Ratcliffe
  • Ladies Officer – Debbie Davies

IF the constitutional changes are NOT accepted, then no elections will take place at the AGM and a special general meeting (SGM) will be called at a later date to carry out the Committee elections.

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