Ups, Downs and Old Favourites

up down old favouritesTom Scott will lead this traditional club ride featuring plenty of your most loved (and hated!) local landmarks.

Subject to good weather, the approximate route will be: Croft, Coate, Chiseldon, Barbury, Ogbourne, Radio Mast, Ogbourne, Earthline, Rickety Bridge, Marlborough, Rockley, Four Mile Clump, Barbury, Burderop, Ladder Lane, Croft. As you can see, this means lots of climbing and descending.

This is a longer than usual club ride but it is suitable for most riders as it is not technical, and we will take our time and wait at every junction, turn and road crossing for the slower riders to catch up and recover. There will be a Cafe stop in Marlborough at roughly the half way point.

As always, bring food, drink and spares and anything else you might need.

It is worth considering whether this is ride right for you:
– 40 miles cross country
– Over 2,000 feet of climbing
– Mixed terrain: gravel, dirt, tarmac

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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