The ride with one hill

Phil Allum will be leading this novice friendly ride from Coate water out onto the Malborough downs. The route has been drawn up to be non-technical, fairly flat and well surfaced. There will be one hill, but if climbing isn’t your thing then feel free to push up, it’s always a good excuse to have a chat. This is a novice friendly ride, so with that in mind, please don’t come expecting gap jumps, rampaging down rock gardens or overtaking Chris Hoy. There won’t be anything like that on this ride.

You will need a mountain bike (this is a mountain bike club ride after all), as some parts of this ride would be rather uncomfortable on anything less. We’ll take the old railway line past Chiseldon, out to the Ogbournes, then take Smeathes Ridge up to Barbury Castle. After a rest to take in the views, it’s back on the bikes – but don’t worry, it’s downhill all the way back to Coate water.

If you are new to the sport, new to the club or even new to Swindon and fancy 17 flat(ish) miles then this could be just the ride for you!

See you there!

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