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Christmas discount on kids bikes at Hargroves Swindon

As a club we may not offer rides for kids, but the team at Hargroves Swindon are offering the following discount for the younger members of your family.

On presentation of your membership card you will get 15% off all full priced kids bikes in the run up to Xmas (offer ends 24/12/2017). They will even hold them up until Xmas Eve for you.

The shop also offers paid up members of the club a regular discount, full details on theĀ Members Only Page.

Event report – Red Planet Santa Cruz demo night 12th May

This was an event organised with Red Planet bikes. They brought along 11 Santa Cruz demo bikes. We had around 20 people who took test rides over the three hours. It was great to be handed a new bike and told to go and ride it. Thanks to Red Planet bikes. They have a demo day this sunday (16th May 2010) Check their website for more info.

They also brought a bbq and food along, so we had a good social too.

May_12_2010_Wed_Demonight 126

May_12_2010_Wed_Demonight 128

May_12_2010_Wed_Demonight 136

May_12_2010_Wed_Demonight 137

May_12_2010_Wed_Demonight 145

May_12_2010_Wed_Demonight 149

May_12_2010_Wed_Demonight 151

May_12_2010_Wed_Demonight 155

May_12_2010_Wed_Demonight 160