Matt Blake Talk

Wanted to do something a bit different for you all during the winter months so Matt Blake is giving a talk:

“My name is Matthew Blake and on the 29th April 2008 I left my home in Banbury, England with the aim of cycling around the world. I successfully returned nearly four years and over 46,000 miles later on April 7th 2012. From March to August 2013 I cycled 10,000 miles across North America in attempt to watch a Major League Baseball game in every Ballpark.”

Matt will focus on the round-the-world trip, but am sure he’ll gladly talk about the baseball one too if there’s time/interest. There will be time for questions.

Jemma Oakes and I have already seen Matt’s talk and it was brilliant. You won’t want to miss it, though be warned, he will make you want to give up everything, get on your bike and not come back for a long time!

We’ve got the hall till 10pm so bring a beer or two and make yourself comfortable (though you do have to take your own rubbish away!).

Cost will be £3 on the door. All the monies raised will go straight to Matt who will take a small amount just to cover his transport costs with the rest going to his preferred charity (which he’ll explain on the night). I’m hoping we’ll make it well worth his while. Matt will have copies of his book on sale and will of course accept additional donations.

Members, non-members, friends and partners all welcome. Matt’s presentation style will appeal to non-cyclists as well.

Tom Scott has offered to lead a special “urban ride” there/back, details to follow.

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