Love Your Bike


As a prelude to Valentine’s day, show your love for your mountain bike by joining John Crocker for a novice friendly ride.  We will start at Coate Water, ride up to Barbury, down Smeathe’s ridge and back to Coate along the old railway track.  If the group decide, we can have a coffee break at the farm shop in Chiseldon.  This ride is about 17 miles in length.

Although mostly off-road, we should avoid the mud but as always at this time of year, the ground will be wet.  The usual novice friendly attributes will apply: slower riders dictate the pace, and it is perfectly OK to get off and push!

2 thoughts on “Love Your Bike”

  1. Hi,

    I am planning on joining you tomorrow for this ride but may need to leave you early. Do you have any rough idea of when you expect to get to the farm shop, or how many miles to the farm shop?


  2. Hi Dave,

    I would hope we would be at the farm shop at about 10.30, difficult to say with any accuracy, depends on whose riding, punctures etc.
    The distance to the shop from the start would be about 13 – 14 miles.


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