Kate’s Wiltshire Wander

Hey everybody! What are we doing? We’re going for ride!

When are we doing it? On Saturday 29th October!

Where are we doing it? Well, we’ll be starting in the picturesque village of Great Bedwyn, heading along the canal for a bit and then climbing up towards the Chute Causeway and Fosbury to explore for a bit, before dropping back to Bedwyn for lunch at the cafe, and then back out again taking in some local tracks. The route is 22 miles, the pace will be suitable for all, no-one will be left behind and all are welcome. There will be a few hills, but you can take them at your own pace. 

I’ve put the start point as the middle of Bedwyn at the railway station as there is plenty of parking there, but it’s also easy to park further up in the village and ride down to the station. As you come down into Bedwyn from the A4, the station is in the centre of the village on the left hand side before you go over the two bridges, if coming from the A338 it’s on the right over the two bridges. Please bring everything you think you’ll need for a day out – it’ll be muddy, and possibly showery, so a good coat, and spares such as tubes, water, and money for the cafe.

Start point SN8 3PB or W3W ///oldest.books.blackbird

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