Goldenballs 3

Goldenballs 3

This is an easy paced novice friendly route along the escarpment of the Vale of Pewsey, led by Richard Ford.

From Knap Hill we will head to Martinsell (taking in a fun bit of single track in Gopher Woods on the way) for one of the best views in the area.  We then head to West Woods for conditions permitting a bit more woodland riding before heading back and enjoying the fun (but easy) descent down Goldenball Hill.

Directions from Swindon

  • Take the A4361 to Avebury.
  • At the right bend in the road (after the Red Lion Pub) turn left to take the B4003
  • The B4003 comes to a T junction with the A4.  Turn left.
  • Take the next right (after about ¼ mile).  Sign posted East Kennet.
  • Drive through East Kennet and follow the road to a T junction.
  • Turn right at the T junction.
  • Follow the road for two miles.  The car park is on the left just after three houses on the right.  Be careful, it is rather difficult to see until you are right on top of it and quite easy to drive past.  If you start going down the hill into the Vale of Pewsey you have gone too far.

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  1. Richard Ford

    This is one of my favourite routes in the Vale of Pewsey. It offers a good mix of the riding that the area can offer whilst being completely novice friendly.


  2. David Green

    Would it be ok if my son Clive and I join you on Sunday morning?

    Thank you,


  3. Stew Mackay

    Lookiing forward to it, see you tomorrow.

  4. Rafe

    Hi David, due to child protection legislation the club cannot allow under 18s on a ride. So depends how old your son is.

  5. David Green

    Clive is 11 and I have joined the club so we can come on organised rides. He is finding the Croft trail enjoyable but wants more of a challenge and to see different trails. Is there a waiver I can sign? Thanks, David.

  6. David Green

    Hi Stew,

    I have received an email saying under 18s aren’t allowed to ride tomorrow. I see they can ride the sky ride tomorrow provided they have a helmet. Do you know if there is a waiver that I could sign so he can ride? We have both joined the club on club tonight. Thanks David

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