Go Outdoors Mountain Mayhem

Go Outdoors Mountain Mayhem

The Club is targeting a few commercial events during the year, and would like to get as big a group of riders as possible to attend. We’ll take along the Club gazebos and make each event a big ‘Club day out’.

These events are open to riders of all abilities – race in your age category or just pootle along as a ‘Fun’ category racer.

This is a 24 hour race, from noon Saturday to noon Sunday. You don’t have to have a team organised to enter. Just sign up and let us know that you’re going and we’ll try to arrange riders into teams.

Go Outdoors Mountain Mayhem
Gatcombe Park
17th, 18th and 19th June

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  1. Tim

    Sign up as a solo then let you know for teams? I’ve always wanted to do Mayhem, just hoping some others would like to go too 🙂

  2. Tim

    Is anyone picking up these comments? I’ve sent an email around the same time and no one responded to that either.

  3. Richard Ford

    Hi Tim

    Sorry that we missed your earlier comment.

    We will be asking for team members in the next week or so. It would be good to have you in a team.


  4. Tim

    Thanks Richard, I’m very interested. Never done Mayhem and would love to see everyone from the club again 🙂

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