Croft Trail Night Ride

Night Ride @ Croft Trail on Friday 27th Nov. Meeting in the car park at 19:00 and expect to finish around 21:00.

We usually manage 2-3 laps of the trail in a couple of hours. Friendly, relaxed pace where no one gets left behind. A great introduction to riding off-road at night.

Bring Lights!

Contact us if you’d like a contact phone number.

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  1. matthew d jackson

    if Red Planet move and get my Orange 5 ready ,may lose my croft cherry.

  2. DeeTee

    Ditto. Think I’ve got everything sorted to hang around after work and then pop down this evening.

  3. Rafe

    Phil is going to be a bit late. I’m hoping that I’ll be feeling better by then and so should be there. If not at least one other regular should be there.

  4. DeeTee

    Nope. Absolutely dead in those car parks…just a couple of cars suspiciously parked in the shadows…..and it’s not the sort of place I’d leave my ‘wifes’ car……so I bailed out. Ne’er mind. Maybe another day.

  5. Rafe

    Sorry about that DeeTee. Hope to see you next week?

  6. Rafe

    Apparently Pete did turn up. I guess there was a failure to spot each other. Like I say, hope to see you another time.

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