Club History

The first decade of MB Swindon

The club was launched on the 1st of February 2010 by a group of volunteers who were working on the Croft trail. See the Croft trail history.

At that time they had run out of material and money. With official recognition and a constitution, the club could apply for grants and manage funds in a organised and accountable manner.

The regular Friday night rides of the trail became a permanent fixture and other club events were organised. When spring came round in 2010 the membership built up quickly.

More of the Club’s early history can be found in the 2011 AGM and annual review.


Tom Stickland and Phil Mayger get involved with Croft Trail.


Rafe Aldridge and Alan and Jodie West get involved. The Facebook group is set up.


Extensive work carried out on Croft with new sections being built from scratch. Phil takes over responsibility for the Trail from Nationwide Building Society cycling club. Pete Ratcliffe gets involved.


Website launched.


MB Swindon come formally into being. 148 events organised during the year.


Chris and Jez get involved. The ‘Log of Doom’ is built in the first Red section.


The Club has 120 members.


269 members. Lots of new Ride Leaders and Web ‘pixies’ get involved.


Membership high of 365 members. Over 1000 Facebook group members.


Two Race Teams launched.


Over 1400 Facebook members. Club membership declines for the first time.


New Club jerseys become available. A second MTB club is launched in Swindon.


Two open days held at Croft, as well as the Hargroves Demo Day.


Specialist Outdoor First Aid training given to Ride Leaders. Membership drops to 180.


With no Chair, Treasurer Jason Rodger stands in as Interim Chairman.


A new Committee is elected. Website is revamped.

Previous Committee Members

Gone but not forgotten…

  • Alan West – Committee member 2010
  • Jodie West – Women’s Officer 2010-2011
  • Pete Ratcliffe – Committee member 2010-2011
  • Richard Barnett – Committee member 2012
  • Rafe Aldridge – Treasurer 2010-2014
  • Tom Stickland – Club Secretary 2010-2014
  • Chris Hopkinson – Social Events Officer & Instructor 2011-2015
  • Sharon Bassindale – Women’s Officer 2011-2015
  • Phil Mayger – Chairman 2010-2016
  • Sharon Yeates – Social Events Officer 2015-2016
  • Richard Ford – Events Officer 2014-2017
  • Debbie Davies – Women’s Officer 2015-2018
  • Chris Hopkinson – Chairperson 2016-2018
  • Kat Ratcliffe – Club Secretary 2014-2019
  • Jason Rodger – Treasurer (and Interim Chair) 2014-2019