5 thoughts on “Urban Round 12 December”

  1. Hi,
    Newbie interested in coming along….is it possible to park a car at John Lewis at that time without getting clamped/fined/ locked in ?
    I’d need to bring my bike over from the other end of swindon.


  2. Hi Rob, in the past I have done similar and we could park in the car park but had to use the additional parking across the entry road to the site. Someone else who’s been more recently would be able to give better advice though.

  3. It gets pretty busy there at this time of year, though you should be able to find a spot. I don’t remember either parking area being locked when we finished the ride last week.

  4. Thanks to Wailun for leading a nice ride , and to the guys for their company !

    I’ll be back in the new year ,

    Cheers !

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