Up the Wansdyke

Up the Wansdyke

Graham Burgess leads this longer ride on Saturday 1st June. The route is not overly technical but around 42 miles long, with a shade under 3000ft of climbing – quite a bit on grass which is a bit energy sapping….
Start at Coate Water 9:00am. We’ll head off along Ridgeway, pick up Wansdyke Way at East Kennet, cross Devizes Road and climb up Cherhill to the monument from behind. From there, we’ll drop down to Avebury for a cuppa then back along Ridgeway to Coate.
Photo credit: https://www.silentearth.org/

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  1. Rob

    Hiya , I’m interested in joining you all this Saturday June 1st , as I’m based near Marlborough/Pewsey was hoping I could meet somewhere on the Ridgeway or East Kennedy .
    Here’s my mobile if it helps with a met ?

  2. Jerome Crametz

    Hi Rob,
    You just need to be on time and Graham will be there to welcome you 😉
    You can also join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/mbswindon/ where there is an event section, some rider might come from Marlborough too.
    have a great evening,

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