The Ridgeway Challenge

The Ridgeway Challenge

On Saturday June 16th, we are running a different type of event for MB Swindon.

Instead of the Club providing a leader to guide you along your ride, this time we’ll be saying ‘3,2,1…Go!’ and setting you off on your way.

The Ridgeway Challenge will start at Foxhill, and the aim is for you to ride as far as you can along the Ridgeway whilst still making it back to Foxhill by the finish time.

There will be two options:

The six hour ride starts at 11.00am

The three hour ride starts at 2.00pm

…and riders on both rides must be back at Foxhill by 5.00pm.

How you ride is up to you. Treat it as a time trial and power through to cover as many miles as you can, or just make it a social ride with a group of friends. (As there is no ride leader, we suggest riding with a partner.)

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