The Next Step Part 2 – Swinley

The Next Step Part 2 – Swinley


This ride is the 2nd part of the next step rides. It is aimed at those who want to have a go at something more challenging than the novice friendly rides but want to do it at a steady and relaxed pace. It is not suitable for those who want to crack on at a fast pace.

The plan for this ride is to do a lap of the blue graded trail and possibly have a go at some red graded sections dependant on what the group want to do. It will include plenty of stops to catch your breath and all sections can be done at a pace that you are comfortable with. After the first loop we can have a cuppa then see what people want to do. There will be some climbing, but it will be done slowly with plenty of breaks to recuperate.

The blue-graded trail combines a decent amount of climbing with fun, swoopy descents and beautiful woodland. The surface is hard gravel for the majority of the trail, with the occasional rocky patch and a few muddy sections. The trail has a smooth surface and contains no unavoidable steps, jumps, large lumps of rock or any other obstacles. Will also include some of the red graded trail, but all obstacles can be avoided if preferred.

What to bring
Money for the car park and a spare inner tube is always a good idea. Also, some spare brake pads if it is wet. Swinley can eat pads in the wet! Aparently braking is important.

Meet at 10.00 for a 10.15am start.

The Next Step Rides

The “next step” rides are aimed at those who may have tried novice friendly rides and are looking to progress to and build confidence on more technical terrain at a slow and relaxed pace. They would also be suitable for people who have ridden at trail centres before but who may be concerned that they lack the fitness or confidence to ride within a group that may contain some experienced riders.

The intention is to offer a series of rides at some of the nearest trail centres with an incremental level of difficulty.  Starting with Ashton Court, then Swinley followed by one or two visits to the The Forest of Dean. If you are able to make the whole series then they should offer a good progression of challenge to your skills and fitness.

The pace of the rides will be set at a slow and steady “snail friendly” pace with regular opportunities for rests. Where the trails might become more challenging then there will be a chance for riders to look at obstacles in advance and to walk down or ride around anything that might look intimidating.

If you like to crack on and ride fast then these will not be suitable for you. If you enjoy a break, a bit of a faff and some natter on the trail side then these rides might be just your cup of tea.

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