Route used on the “Core Skills” training course


Submitted by: Rafe
Start: Barbury Castle
Finish: Barbury Castle
Direction: Clockwise
Distance: 16 Km
Rating: Easy
Description: This is the route we use on the “Core Skills” training course
Route: View on map
Download: GPX file (right-click and select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…”)

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  1. Chris Merriman

    Trainer: Pete
    Knew his stuff. Related well to trainees and pitched at right level.
    Route was appropriate.
    Personally I took the course as prep for the trails course and therefore found it quite easy but having never had any MTB tuition I still learnt plenty. It is also the first time I have benefited from comments on those things you cannot see for yourself like position on the bike.

  2. Gareth

    Recently attended a Core skills course, and found it to be well taught, and on completion I have more confidence in the saddle, and find getting around easier.

  3. Chris

    Thanks for the positive feedback. It’s good to see that our training courses work and people get something out of them

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