Ride Report: Carry on Rafe

Ride Report: Carry on Rafe

Words and photos by Tom Scott

The weather forecast was bad: yellow wind, loads of rain, snow, hail, forest fires, the works! Rafe could not make it so I stepped in, eager to fit in as many ride leads as possible before my self-imposed sabbatical starts at the end of this year.

In the 24 hours before it was due to start, the ride was on, then kind of off, then on, then almost certainly maybe off, then definitely on.

Then it snowed. Lots of it.

I was so excited that I left the house at 8.30 for a 10 o’clock ride! It started off well – fun, fun, fun! But by the time I got to Croft, I was regretting my decision not to wear my big coat, and my gloves were soaked through.

After a ride round the car park to the pavillion I saw a vision in yellow – Steve had turned up. ‘Yay,’ I thought, ‘I won’t have to go home and have a cup off coffee, a hot bath and some Hobnobs…’ Then Sean phoned to say he was on his way and whilst waiting for his van I spotted Nathan Buck, so we were four.

We set off, and after a mile Sean announced that he had forgotten his phone, so we went back to the trail. We set off again, up towards the Marriott, to Marlborough Road, then joined the Old Town railway track and rode down to John Lewis. It was 11 o’clock by this time!

We then rode back through town, up Commercial Road, Victoria Road, down Marlborough Road and Pipers Way, and back to the trail. That took us three-quarters of an hour!  I was home by 12, freezing and well overdue for a brew. The ride was only 8 miles, but it was a great laugh and I couldn’t have chosen a better three fellas than Nath, Steve and Sean to ride it with!

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