Ride Report: B.A.R. ride

Words by Tom Scott

No, we didn’t go to a bar. This was one of my favourite routes, Barbury – Avebury – Rockley.  It has a bit of everything, short quick descents, long fast descents, slogs up hills, and a bit of ‘along’ thrown in for good measure.  I got to Barbury Castle at 9.30 and spotted Tony Holmes, then a load more turned up, then another load more, so there were 19 of us all told.

The route is well established, rutty Ridgeway to the crossroads, chalky Wessex Ridgeway to Avebury, cup of tea or coffee, cake or crisps, then a couple of miles of Tarmac then the gravelly Ridgeway back up to the crossroads and grassy Wessex Ridgeway over to Rockley, then the short sharp gravel climb back up to 4 mile clump and steady chalky muddy ascent to Barbury.

The weather was fantastic and some of the trails are drying out nicely but some are still like riding though wet cement. There were no incidents or accidents apart from a minor mechanical issue and everything ran to time for a change!

Good to catch up with friends and meet a few new faces as well.

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