Last Ride of Spring

Last Ride of Spring

Tom Scott leads this ride of 25-30 miles to Marlborough and back.

Meet at Coate Water at 8.45 ready for a 9.00am start. The ride will go over the top to Marlborough and come back on the other side. There is nothing technically difficult on the ride, though there will be some climbing. The ride will be at a steady pace.

The plan is to stop at a cafe in Marlborough around 11.00am, but you can bring your own snacks if you prefer.

Remember that there is a height barrier at Coate so don’t bring your bike on the roof of your car. Parking for the day is £2.

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  1. Nick King

    do you allow e bikes in your club?

  2. Steffan James

    Hi Nick – yes, we have no problem with e-bikes.

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