Kate’s Super Savernake and Martinsell Meander

Kate’s Super Savernake and Martinsell Meander

Kate Davidson leads this mixed ride, which combines the trails of Savernake Forest with the ups and downs of Martinsell Hill. Expect beautiful views from the hill and varied terrain, including splendid woodland singletrack, byways and bridleways, country lanes and a cracking, grassy descent down Martinsell Hill.

We’ll meet at Postern Hill campsite carpark, on the outskirts of Marlborough, and head into the forest. Those of you who came on my Savernake Spins earlier in the year will be familiar with some of the route; if not, you’re in for a treat! From Savernake, we’ll head across to Ram Alley following byways, bridleways and country lanes to Martinsell Hill. There’s a narrow, rocky/rooty section once we get on top of the hill – feel free to walk this if you’re a root-hater – but at the end of this is a long, grassy descent which is terrific fun and you can take it at your own pace – bat out of hell, or steady as you like. We’ll then ride along Mud Lane, cross the road back into the forest and ride back to the campsite.

The route will likely come in at between 25-30 miles. There is nothing overly technical or particularly scary – the climb up to Martinsell Hill is short but very steep, and some may prefer to walk it; there’s the rocky bit of singletrack at the top – and the descent, which can be ridden as fast or slow as you like. This will be a social ride at a sensible pace, which will hopefully be a lot of fun. Although not listed as a ‘Novice-friendly’ ride, everyone capable of riding around 30 miles is welcome, and no-one will be left behind.

I am looking into the possibility of incorporating a stop at Crofton Beam Engines for coffee & cake or lunch, which I will confirm after my recce. In the absence of a cafe stop bring anything you feel you may need such as water and snacks, dress for the weather and make sure you bring anything you may need such as spare tubes, etc. 

Photo credit: @ElcotCreativepic.twitter.com/ifedAhBCDE

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  1. Kerry murphy

    I will be in for this Kate. Looking forward to it.

  2. Kerry murphy

    Hi Kate
    I will be in for this Kate. Looking forward to it!

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