Kate’s ‘Lazy Saturday’ Ride

Kate’s ‘Lazy Saturday’ Ride

A social, almost flat* ride suitable for complete novices, lazy or hungover people, those who just want a short spin out and a bit of a chinwag, or members who’ve not been out in an age and worry that their fitness is not up to a longer ride. New members, and novice riders of any gender, would be especially welcome.

Kate D leads this ride, which starts at Barbury Castle. From here, we’ll head down Four Mile Clump towards Ogbourne Maizey, and take the railway path to Ogbourne and the ‘Earthline Climb’ track up to the Ridgeway, and then back down the mast climb, where we’ll cross the road and head back along the railway path and stop for a cup of tea at Three Trees café. Once we’ve refuelled, we’ll ride along the road a bit towards Draycot Foliat and take the ‘Old Ridgeway’ track back up to Barbury Castle.

This ride will be around 15 miles long and suitable for pretty much anyone.

Terrain – easy, grass tracks, country roads, disused railway line.
Bring anything you might need such as a spare tube, water, a coat if rainy, and a few pence for a cup of tea.

*There are two climbs on this ride – one up to the Ridgeway, and one up the hillfort at the end, which can be walked if tired! 

Meet at Barbury Castle Country Park Car Park at 10am.

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