Hilda’s Ridgeway Marathon

Hilda’s Ridgeway Marathon

Hilda May Latham leads this challenging cross-country epic, which she ran as a ladies-only ride last year. This time, the boys can play, too.

We start the ride with a grassy descent down Smeathe’s Ridge and some beautiful views of the Ridgeway, followed by a steep climb out of Ogbourne St George to prep the legs and lungs for an epic day in the saddle.

We will then head over to Bishopstone where we will stop for some lunch before heading over to Ashdown House and finally making our way back to Barbury.

As this is a longer ride we will be making an early start. Meet at Barbury Castle ready for a 9.00am start. Expect to be out for approximately 6hrs. Bring lots of snacks, a packed lunch, water and some pocket money for ice-cream.

Please note that this ride is not novice-friendly due to the distance and amount of climbing involved.

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