Forest of Dean Downhill/Enduro day

Forest of Dean Downhill/Enduro day

Phil Allum plans to spend the day playing on the waymarked downhill tracks and the unmarked Enduro stages around the Pedalabikeaway centre. If you have never ventured on the downhill runs before, but always fancied it, then now is the perfect opportunity. Likewise, seasoned FoD veterans are most welcome as well!

Although you won’t need a specialist downhill bike for this, a full suss will definitely be the most comfortable, and is recommended unless you know what you are doing. The Pedalabikeaway centre have some really good hire bikes; see their website if you are interested.

This will be a pedal (or push) up day, so legs will be required! The uplift will be running so that is an option if you are dead against pedalling.

We’ll start the day off with something to get you warmed up – Verderer’s final descent or Launchpad, for example, before moving on to others. Exactly what we do and in what order depends on who turns up. There is a full list of the trails on their website if you are not familiar. Some of the trails are smooth hard pack, others are pretty natural with lots of roots etc.

The centre has car parking, a great café, workshop, toilets and pretty much everything you’ll need. The car park is a pay & display so please bring change. It’s currently £3.50 per day.

Meet outside the Café for a 9:30am start, any questions please feel free to ask. See you there!

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  1. Stuart Evans


    I am hoping to join you on the Forest of Dean ride next weekend. I have only just joined the club and have not been on a group ride yet so I’m not sure how it all works, do I just meet you there or can I offer anyone a lift as ill have space. How long do you expect to be up there and is there anything special I should bring apart from helmet pads bike etc.

    Looking forward to meeting you all



  2. Phil Allum

    Hi Stuart, welcome to the club!
    It is very kind of you to offer lifts, there may well be somebody who will take you up on that offer. I don’t know if you are on Facebook, but we have a group on there (MB Swindon and the Croft Trail) which works really well for offering/organising lift shares and that sort of thing.
    You don’t need to bring anything apart from your usual riding gear. We won’t ever be far from the Pedalabikeaway centre so we won’t have to carry much.
    I’ll​ be there until the early afternoon, but feel free to come and go as you please. There is no competition as to how many runs we’ll be trying to do! Talking of competition, there is a DH race on the following day, so if it takes your fancy we can have some runs down the taped out race track. We can decide as and when.
    On Saturday, you’ll find me stood outside the cafe at 9:30am. I’ll be wearing a blue MB Swindon shirt with a green & pink helmet, hopefully you won’t miss me!
    I hope that answers your questions, I look forward to meeting you on Saturday!
    Phil Allum

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