Cherhill and the Roundway

Cherhill and the Roundway

On a weekend when many of the more experienced riders will away at HOTS (Heaven of the South), Tim Norris has arranged a novice friendly ride to introduce riders to the Cherhill area, near Avebury.

This would be a great opportunity to enjoy a ride in a new area, guided by a ride leader who knows the area very well.

The route isn’t finalised yet, but expect a typical ride of between 15 and 20 miles, with regular stops and all ridden at the pace of the slowest rider. The ride will probably last 2-3 hours, so bring a snack and a drink with you, along with the usual spare tube or puncture repair kit.

Meet at the Small Grain picnic site ready for a 10.00 am start. To get an idea of what to expect, you can read about one of Tim’s previous rides in the Cherhill area here.

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