Barbury to Avebury

Barbury to Avebury

Captain Slow, Tom Scott, will be leading this steady social ride from Barbury down to Avebury and back, so hopefully the next few weeks will dry out the Ridgeway.

Given the recent weather, Tom predicts a 60% chance of getting muddy. The good news is that his ‘cake forecast’ is an unlikely 105%.

As well as being a social occasion, this would make a good ride for novice riders wanting to get to know some local trails. As always, to be as self sufficient as possible, please bring tools, spare tubes, food and drink. We will have regular ‘get your breath back’ stops as there are some hills involved… but hey, that’s mountain biking!

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  1. Jill

    What is rough distance.

  2. Steffan James

    Hi Jill – this will be about 16 miles.

  3. Richard Henderson

    How long does the ride take approximately.

  4. Steffan James

    As it’s a novice friendly, social ride, I’d certainly allow 3 hours, as a rough estimate.

  5. Jill Ford

    Weather forecast looks promising yeah!

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