Avebury Social Ride

Avebury Social Ride

Steffan James leads this social ride to Avebury and back. Meet at Barbury Castle car park ready for a 10.00am start.

At 17 miles it should be manageable by most riders, and although there is a long climb as we get back onto the Ridgeway after stopping at Avebury, there’ll be no rush get to the top.

The ride starts with two quite steep descents as we drop from Barbury to Uffcot, but these can be ridden slowly without any real difficulty. After that there are a few mostly-flat miles on a range of surfaces until we get to Windmill Hill. This short but super-steep climb is great for a personal challenge… or you can just push up it! From there it’s an easy couple of miles into Avebury for a cuppa. 

The hardest part of the ride is as we leave Avebury. The return route starts with quite a long – and at times steep – climb back up onto the Ridgeway. There’s no rush though, and once we’re at the top of the climb, we’ll just follow the contours of the Ridgeway all the way back to Barbury and that final climb back to the Castle and the car park!

You’ll need a drink, money to buy something at Avebury (or your own snack) and a spare tube just in case. Expect to be out for at least three hours.

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